Cheats are available in all versions of Motherload. They are as followed. Enter any of the following codes in OPTIONS menu for them to work. NOTE: Entering any of the cheats below will result in a skull and cross bones in the top middle of the screen with the words 'Cheater' underneath it.

Cheats for motherload
Cheat Effect
blingbling Adds $100,000 to your total cash.
fillerup Completely refills your fuel tank.
supersize Increases the cargobay to the next best.
penetrable Increases the Hull to the next best.
warp9 Increases the Engine to the next best.
toocool Increases the Radiatior to the next best
guzzle Increases the Fuel Tank to the next best.
digdug Increases the Drill to the next best.
ntouchable Gives you 99x of all Items, and maximizes all the equipment to the best one. (Reserve fuel tanks, Repair nanobots, dynamite etc.)

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