There is a mostly unknown secret that exists in the Goldium and regular editions of Motherload. If you fly up 20 million feet, you can pass your "Head of Satan" to God. Read more to find out...

More informationEdit

At 5 billion feet, you will receive a transmission from God saying " Thy thou you miners come to interrupt me, thou shall give riches to you. Thy now must leave." You receive $50,000,000 as your reward. If you continue to fly, at 7.5 billion feet, you will receive a transmission from God saying "Thy thou interests in heaven shall not be pursued. Thy shall give you one last chance. Thy shall give you more riches, thou must leave." You will receive $500,000,000 as your reward. At 9,999,999,999 feet, you will enter heaven, and receive a transmission about God's plans of trying to kill you and the heavenly battle will begin. Note: If you have not defeated Satan in your current game, the battle and transmissions will not load.

The Heavenly BattleEdit

In God's first form, he has 2,000 HP. Attack him by pointing your drill towards God and charging into him. It will deal y damage, where y is 4*(drill's digging speed in ft per second) God will summon meteorites and angels. The meteorites deal x damage, where x is 400*(100% - Radiator's effectiveness in %) The angels deal 120 damage per hit. In God's second form, he can shoot 2 laser beams at once. Laser beam contact results in instant death, regardless of hull or radiator. He can open his chest. 20 to 50 bouncing projectiles will fly out. They deal 40 damage per contact. He has 3,500 HP in his second form. God is immune to all explosives. I will let you experiment on how to defeat God.


You will receive $15,000,000,000 as a reward and others, including The Heavenly Cross, an item which quadruples ore and random item profits and The Infinite Support, an item which is equivalent of an infinite cargo bay without storage weight, infinitely large fuel tank, a teleportation drive, infinitely strong hull and a 100% radiator.


In the arena, the altimeter displays a height of infinity feet, even though it is only 9,999,999,999 feet high. There is a 1 in 65,536 chance that God will have 9,999,999,999 HP. (It is a glitch though, it might be fixed by the time you try it.)