Starting/Basic StrategyEdit

When you just arrived, your common sense could tell you to buy the very first upgrades. This doesn't result in anything but in a waste of money. What you really should do is buy larger fuel tanks or save money. Some people prefer to stockpile money until they reach the $5,000 mark and then buy the Gigantic Fuel Tank; regardless of the method, buying fuel tanks makes the game easier in the beginning. You can then make a lot more money in a run and of course, avoid wasting time refueling. Next step will be to improve your cargo bay, just to avoid having to get to the surface every 10 minerals collected; then will come the drill, to be able to dig deeper faster. Now you can make a lot of money in a single run, so the only tip is to never buy something under $5,000 dollars, or you're wasting your money on for some other items that will waste your time. Then keep upgrading until you can buy everything that costs $500,000, just in the right order though, and remember to save every time you reach a ten thousand mark; because you really don't want to lose all of your hard work by hitting the ground.

Advanced StrategiesEdit

  1. When you've made around $50,000 dollars, you should start with the "deep dig" technique. This means having some medium/average ($20,000 each) upgrades and around $50,000. You will have to buy a Matter Transmitter, at least 5-10 Reserve Fuel Tanks and spend the rest of your money on some Hull Repair Nanobots. Once you got those items, start off by digging in a straight line until around -2,000 feet or until you hit a rock, and break the pattern. Collect any average/rare mineral you can and discard the less valuable. You can make about $50,000-$500,000 in a single run, and, if you're lucky, you could even find an cool Ancient Blueprint. At this point you should have chosen out and mastered your digging technique, and as well, at this point the only thing that I can do is to wish you good luck! Once you have the maximum upgrades and decent preparation, you can easily make millions per mining trip.
  2. Some people like to get enough upgrades to get to around -3000ft because around that mark, Platinum is insanely common and Einsteinium isn't exactly rare either. Once hitting -3000ft, money should be spent on cargo bay upgrades, then drill upgrades, radiator upgrades (unless you have the Magma Converter, in which case don't get radiator upgrades) and hull upgrades. There's no point buying a Fuel Tank larger than the Leviathan and it shouldn't be a priority to get the Leviathan Tank so long as you're making enough in a single run to buy 10 Reserve Tanks (after refueling and repairing). Spend maybe 5-10 runs mining around -3000ft to -4000ft, you should be able to pick up a few Emeralds and maybe the occasional Ruby as well. Then plunge down to -5500 and repeat, but you will want to take a fair number of Dynamite, C4, Repair Nanobots and a Matter Transmitter as well. Following this pattern, it's easy to make several million within 20 trips.

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