This is an Easter egg of the game Motherload that can be discovered by reaching a depth of 4267 ft in one of 666 seeds.

  • Transmission received**Martian digging pod No.9168*

Next Wednesday will be the day I finally retire to my home, Callisto. Imagine all the things I'm going to do! 25 years of hard work will finally pay off. Before that, I am going to hide a treasure chest of over $20,000,000 to help any future miners in their long journey to success, victory, fame, and most importantly wealth. The location of the treasure chest is hidden in the clues of the following riddle:

If you wish to seek my rich

You must follow the clues which

lead to a treasure one to seek

if they wish to be rich and sleek

Follow my clues in order down

This puzzle is not a wedding gown

However should you succeed

You'll find my treasure, gold and creed

Take it to a place of mountains

A popular place with the highest of fountains

Trees all burnt; water boiling

A caldera with lava flowing

A canyon thousand metres down

Only to find the home of brown

Look up, a cave you'll find

There might be a treasure-in your mind

Don't let the crevasses mislead you

In this trip, treasure too

A rock with a hundred metre girth

Look to the right, a waterfall all right

But there seems to be some light

For the trek to treasure is almost alright

Just go to the back; it is a picture

Left arrow goes left; right arrow goes right

In the darkness of the night

A treasure chest gleams, to the right

  • Transmission terminated *

If you follow the clues, a place in real life that I have not discovered yet will match all clues, and there will be a device there. On it is a label that reads: Ad62d8. Motherload is installed in the device but it will be special. Read Secret Underworld to find out more...