Satans Appearance

Satan, known firstly as Mr. Natas, is the final boss of the game and found at the lowest level of Mars.


When you find (and fall into) the hole at the bottom of Mars, Mr. Natas reveals he is the one who has been killing miners that dared venture into the bottom, as he did not want anyone finding out he is the Devil.

After his true identity is revealed, the fight begins.

The BattleEdit

Satan has 1000HP during his first phase, and turns into a more demonic form with 2000HP once the first phase is beaten. Satan can only be damaged by explosives. Once Mr. Natas is defeated, you gain a very huge money bonus, and can start over again. (You can fight Mr. Natas 99 more times, but each time you fight, his HP is multiplied by the number of times you have defeated him +1, so the second time his health is 2000/4000, the third his health is 3000/6000). Plus, the damage value is determined by the levels as well, which means that at level 18, the conventional 'charging' through and exploding the Plastic Explosive will result in instant death. At this point, a new strategy should be devised.


  • "Natas" is Satan spelled backwards.

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