In the Motherload game ( refer to Motherload ) in the device, the Satan boss fight will be removed. Instead, at about 8500 ft, is a transition between mars and the Martian Underworld. The normal dirt will change into red dirt and special ores can be found there, including Bloodstone, Ghastium, and Petrifium. At 10000 ft, you receive a transmission reading:" Mortal beings, do you really think you can beat me? Dig further, and meet your demise." from Satan. At 15000 ft, you drop into a huge chamber, and the ultimate battle starts with the message:"Your doom is near. Death awaits for you, silently."

The BattleEdit

In Satan v2's first form, he spits out fireballs that deal x damage, where x is 1,000 x 100%- Radiator's effectiveness in %. He can fly and fall on you, resulting in instant death. In his second form, lava can blast out of the floor, killing instantly ( floor turns red before lava blast ). He also wields a fire sword that can deal 135 damage and has a knockback of 500 ft. He has 3333 HP in his first form and 6666 HP in his second form. Use your drill to deal damage.


After defeating Satan v2 , you will receive a slew of cash rewards including 'Satan's fire sword of death' and 'Satan's unbreakable suit of armor'. The screen will turn white until you teleport back to the surface with no upgrades, money, items or minerals. However, there will be a 'Satan's resurrection core' in your inventory that acts the same as a 'Satan's Head'.


The altimeter displays a depth of -4172937241 ft, even though it is only 15000 ft.