In Motherload, several upgrades are available to the player once they have the funds.


Drill UpgradesEdit

The drill is the part of the AATV that allows for the collection of items. The basic, starter model is good for surface level operation, but the further down the player goes, the harder the soil becomes.

The Drill upgrades are made from the minerals collected, started at Ironium and going to Platinium.

Hull UpgradesEdit

The hull is actually a representation of Satan's influence on you. Damage of the hull is a representation of Satan (Mr Natas )'s control and when you die, you turn into Satan himself. It is interesting that every time a player dies, he or she turns into Mr Natas in someone else's game.

Cargo Bay UpgradesEdit

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Fuel Tank UpgradesEdit

This AATV part is only available in the Goldium edition of Motherload.